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Bill's Wisdom
Managers need to be on the floor with their team.

Multiunit Operator

Congratulations! You’ve beaten the odds and established a concept that has caught on. But customers can be fickle, especially with the increasing number of restaurant choices and cuisine options. That means every aspect of your operations needs to be as efficient (and profitable) as possible. Trouble is, if you’re like most multiunit operators, you’re running in a reactive mode—putting out fires when they occur rather than taking a proactive stance. For example, one client of ours, a successful and growing theme restaurant chain, was perpetually reacting to training and development issues. In fact, our research indicated they were spending nearly $3 million per year on turnover, and that figure was conservative.

Success starts with a proactive mindset

At W.H. Bender we teach you and your team how to be proactive in your operations, especially when it comes to training and development. We help you define your brand so that customers and team members alike have a clear and consistent image of what your restaurants are about.

We examine every facet of your operations in order to ensure your restaurant(s) are operating at a current best practices level and therefore their most profitable. And we help you establish a solid foundation for future growth—making sure your current customers are 100% satisfied and loyal while setting the stage for new customers to have a positive experience regardless of where your new outlets open.

Think of how an NFL team operates. Every player knows what to do, every fan knows why he is at the stadium, and every game essentially offers the same exciting experience that keeps customers coming back for more. This is exactly what your restaurants can achieve with W.H. Bender. We teach, coach and raise the performance level of your team so they reach your goals and it sticks!

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