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Bill's Wisdom
Independent restaurants have freedom to react quickly when opportunities surface. And with freedom comes power!

Independent Restaurant

Owning and running your own restaurant can be daunting. You have a thousand things to worry about even before the first customer of the day. You have to compete with established chains and other restaurants with well-known brands. And it always seems like you are playing “catch up” no matter what the situation.

Overwhelmed by your operations? We can help.

At W.H. Bender we understand your situation. Since 1990 we’ve helped restaurants just like yours compete and thrive in the fiercest competitive environments in California and around the country. Our secret is our innovative “walk in your shoes” approach to your business—we look at every aspect of your operations and discover what’s working and what’s not.

We take your operations from a reactive mindset to one that is proactive and delivers amazing results. What does being proactive mean? Let’s take the NFL for example. Do team members just show up when they feel like it? Do games start only after everyone has arrived? Are individual players unclear as to what their job is on the field? Do fans know what to expect when they arrive at the stadium? These may sound like silly questions but the reality is there is no difference between an NFL team and your restaurant as far as operations. NFL teams have a clear brand identity, their team members know exactly what they are supposed to do and are highly motivated to do it, and their fans (customers) are loyal and keep coming back for an enjoyable experience time after time.

By working with W.H. Bender your restaurant can have the same success as a winning NFL team in every aspect of your operations. We teach, coach and raise the performance level of your team so they reach your goals and it sticks!

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